Adult Substance Abuse IOP in New Baltimore, MI

In addition to treating adults and children who are struggling with mental health disorders, Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore, MI, also treats adults who suffer from substance abuse issues. One such treatment program for addressing addiction concerns is our chemical dependency intensive outpatient program (IOP). This program assists patients in beginning a life of recovery while remaining in their communities.

The chemical dependency IOP currently meets Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm in order to provide a more intensive level of therapeutic intervention than can be provided in a traditional outpatient setting. The program relies on a combination of evidence-based practices and traditional methods that are rooted in the 12-step recovery process. Programming is also focused on assisting patients in establishing, practicing, and bolstering relapse prevention skills. The program also includes family support services, access to psychiatric evaluations, medication management services, and support services.

Prospective patients may be referred to this program via phone referral or by taking part in the evaluation that is provided by the licensed clinicians in our intake department. Those who are interested in participating in this program will partake in a comprehensive individual assessment, which will determine if they meet the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s criteria for the intensive outpatient level of care.

The adult chemical dependency intensive outpatient program is structured as a 12 session model with each session occurring in a supportive group setting that is led by a certified addictions counselor.

The structure of this 12 session model is as follows:

  • Session 1 – Stages of Recovery and Recovery Plan Development
  • Session 2 – Overview of Co-occurring Disorders
  • Session 3 – Managing Cravings and Urges
  • Session 4 – Managing Anger
  • Session 5 – Managing Sadness and Depression
  • Session 6 – Managing Guilt and Shame
  • Session 7 – Managing Fear and Anxiety
  • Session 8 – Relationships and Recovery
  • Session 9 – Family / Support Person Night
  • Session 10 – Assertion and Conflict Resolution
  • Session 11 – Health Issues (e.g. communicable disease, diet, sleep, exercise, etc.)
  • Session 12 – Relaxation Skills

Individual therapy sessions are planned at a frequency of one time per two week period for the duration of the treatment program. Part of these individual therapy sessions includes progress review and aftercare planning. Additionally, as part of programming, clients in the IOP are required to submit to random urinalyses and/or preliminary breath tests, attend one or two 12-step recovery meetings per week, obtain a sponsor, and develop a written recovery plan.

Patients will typically discharge from IOP to a standard outpatient level of care once they are ready to and feel comfortable doing so.

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