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Harbor Oaks Hospital is a mental health facility that provides treatment for people of all ages who are struggling with mental health concerns. If you or a loved one needs care, we can help.

At Harbor Oaks Hospital, our family stands ready to help yours with caring, integrated mental health services and drug and alcohol rehabilitation services for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Our staff respects the dignity of each individual patient and cares deeply about making a lasting difference in the lives of all who are entrusted into our care. Our treatment philosophy comes from the basis of our experience as professionals. We know that people can change and that chemical dependency and mental illness are treatable diseases. Because mental health conditions and substance use disorders often co-occur, our treatment programs are designed to treat the whole person, not just his or her symptoms.

At Harbor Oaks, our highly-skilled and compassionate staff respects the dignity of each individual patient, regardless of his or her age or presenting concerns. We care deeply about making a lasting difference. We are the only freestanding behavioral health treatment hospital in all of Macomb County, and we are the only treatment facility in the region who provides care for children and adolescents, ages four and older.

Accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the state of Michigan, we pride ourselves in adhering to a core set of values, of which are applied in every aspect of care that we offer to our patients. These values include Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration, Compassion, and Stewardship, and we are proud of our consistency in applying each value to every aspect of the comprehensive treatment we offer.

Whatever your or your loved one’s needs may be, let Harbor Oaks Hospital be your provider of choice. We do everything in our power to improve the lives we touch.

At Harbor Oaks Hospital, client care and well being comes first and foremost always. The entire staff has incredible compassion for all who come in for help. They made my experience the best it could be.

– Former Patient
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