Specialized Inpatient Pediatric Treatment in New Baltimore, MI

Is your child struggling with both a psychiatric concern and a developmental disability? Our specialized inpatient program is designed for children ages 4-17 who are facing these concerns. With 24/7 care, your child can find the help they need at Harbor Oaks Hospital.

What Disorders Does This Children's Inpatient Program Treat?

Psychiatric & developmental disorder treatment at Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore, MI

The Specialized Inpatient Pediatric Unit (SIPU) provides quality care for children and adolescents who face both a psychiatric concern and a developmental disability. While not a requirement for admission, many children on this unit have an autism spectrum diagnosis. Harbor Oaks Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital in the state of Michigan that provides an inpatient environment and programming options that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of children and teens facing psychiatric and developmental diagnoses.

Safe & Sensory-Friendly Design

A sensory-friendly environment for children with emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders

Our Specialized Inpatient Pediatric Unit (SIPU) is specifically designed to provide a safe, healing environment for children whose emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges require an intensive level of care.

With these children in mind, we have created a 12-bed facility that allows staff to monitor patients effectively in the least restrictive setting possible. With no detail overlooked, our unit includes the following environmental aspects which promote safety and growth for all the youth in our care:

  • A 12-bed unit with single and double occupancy rooms
  • A large unit with only 12 beds allows for flexibility in the use of space
  • LED lighting rather than fluorescent lighting is used
  • As a safety precaution, all furniture in common areas is heavily weighted, making it difficult to move, and bedroom furniture is bolted to the floor, which reduces risk during explosive episodes
  • Outdoor space dedicated specifically to this unit
  • A sensory room
  • Our two consult rooms are divided with a one-way mirror which allows staff to work with a patient while families and outside providers can observe, gaining valuable insight and feedback about how the child is progressing in our inpatient treatment program

What Is a Typical Day of Specialized Inpatient Treatment for Children Like?

A typical day in the specialized child & adolescent inpatient treatment program at Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore, MI

Our environmental design is not the only thing that makes the SIPU at Harbor Oaks Hospital an ideal place for children with both psychiatric disorders and developmental disabilities. While a safe setting is a paramount concern, we have also turned our attention to ensuring that our supports are appropriate for the unique needs of each patient’s specific challenges.

Rather than relying heavily on interventions with a cognitive focus, our programming is steeped in behavioral supports that are scientifically proven to encourage successful outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health concerns. And unlike the group-based supports that are seen on our regular pediatric unit, the SIPU at Harbor Oaks Hospital provides highly a individualized treatment program that reflect the unique needs of each patient in our care. Our tailored plans of care may be comprised of any of the following services and treatment program modalities:

  • Trained staff provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for those receiving ABA services.
  • Treatment planning will include a child’s existing behavior plan, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and other relevant assessments in order to tailor the treatment interventions used during his or her stay.
  • We work with the adolescent’s family, school, and outpatient providers to ensure continuity of treatment during hospitalization and continuation of care upon discharge.
  • Families and outpatient providers may schedule virtual visits with staff in our unit to provide flexibility and less stimulation on the unit for all patients.

Compassionate, Experienced Staff

Knowledgeable staff in the Specialized Pediatric Inpatient Unit at Harbor Oaks Hospital

We are pleased to have staff that is highly trained in serving children and families with acute developmental, behavioral, and emotional needs. We understand that this unique population requires high levels of supervision and intervention, so we provide an average patient to staff ratio of 2:1. Should a child require additional support, we are happy to include one-on-one supervision at no additional charge.

Our treatment program team works together to help children and families navigate complex symptoms and difficult behaviors. Our individualized treatment programs help children and adolescents learn the developmentally-appropriate replacement skills that they need to encourage healthy relationships and to become more functional in social and learning settings.

During their stay with us, patients will have access to compassionate, experienced professionals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds who are highly trained in addressing the needs of children and adolescents with developmental and psychiatric concerns. We are pleased to have the following specialists on staff in the SIPU at Harbor Oaks:

  • A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
  • Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)
  • A special education teacher who is certified in teaching children with developmental disabilities
  • A psychiatrist
  • A mid-level practitioner
  • An internal medicine physician
  • A social worker
  • Registered nurses
  • Behavioral health associates
  • An activity therapist

When your child or patient has treatment needs that fall outside the scope of what a traditional pediatric unit can provide, it can be difficult to find an appropriate placement for him or her. The SIPU at Harbor Oaks in New Baltimore, MI, was created with your needs in mind. To learn more about our comprehensive treatment program for a child or adolescent in your life, we hope you will reach out to us today.

Can I Be Involved in My Child's Specialized Inpatient Treatment?

Parental involvement in specialized child & adolescent inpatient treatment

It is especially important to us that family be involved in any child’s treatment, so Harbor Oaks staff works closely with family members. Building a strong support system can set children and teens up for long-term success. For this reason, when appropriate, we strongly encourage family members to be involved in their loved one’s treatment.

We provide all children and adolescents with an individualized inpatient treatment program that is implemented under the direct supervision of our medical director.

I took my child to Harbor Oaks they provided the best care I could imagine for her. I am so thankful for their treatment programs and would recommend it to everyone.

– Mother of Former Patient
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