Adult Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Program in New Baltimore, MI

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What Disorders Does The Inpatient Program Treat?

Psychiatric disorders treated in the adult inpatient treatment program at Harbor Oaks Hospital

Our caring staff of expertly-trained professionals facilitates a treatment program for a myriad of concerns so that those who entrust us with their care can achieve the lasting healing they desire. Some of the most common disorders we are able to treat in our adult inpatient psychiatric program include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Co-occurring addiction

What Is a Typical Day of Inpatient Treatment Like?

A typical day in the adult inpatient treatment program at Harbor Oaks Hospital in New Baltimore, MI

Designed to stabilize the symptoms of mental health conditions, Harbor Oaks Hospital’s adult inpatient psychiatric program includes a wide variety of therapeutic interventions that are based on the didactic behavioral therapeutic model for treatment. Within this exemplary inpatient treatment program, adult men and women will engage in the following treatment methods, which are proven to address and care for mental health concerns and any existing co-occurring substance use disorders:

  • Groups led by qualified mental health and medical professionals that include topics such as the importance of good health, psycho-education on mental health, substance abuse, medication, sleep, and good hygiene
  • Skills-building training
  • Individual counseling sessions on an as-needed basis
  • Family meetings
  • Medication management with our experienced psychiatrists
  • Art therapy
  • Visits with a physician to address any medical needs

Every patient in the adult inpatient psychiatric program will receive an ongoing assessment of needs for the duration of the treatment program. This assessment will allow for a thorough discharge plan, of which begins when an individual starts a treatment program and can be revised based on needs that become apparent while a person is receiving inpatient care.

I went into Harbor Oaks with addiction and mental health problems and they took great care of me. Supporting and helping me each step of the way during recovery.

– Former Patient
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